About us

Systems Integrator International is a daughter company of the Swiss based holding company, Systems Integrator Holding AG.

About us

Our company is mainly focused on offering our resources to the European market. We are deeply involved within the construction field and with special focus on offering cost efficient and innovative energy saving products/systems.

Except from offering our own resources we also act as marketing representative for several foreign companies most of them presented on our website. With several of those companies we also have joint development projects. Integrating our technical knowledge and resources with those of our partners situated in many different countries gives us the possibility to create the optimal blend of resources for various projects.

Together with the resources of our associated partner EUROENGINEER we are able to offer the market all needed construction work before the actual building process starts. This includes as well for steel as for concrete constructions. We have experience of projects like residential and business buildings, hotels, water treatment installations, hydro-electric power plants etcetera.
Through cooperation partners we are also able at attractive prices to offer design and implementation of all electrical components needed for projects up to 220kV.